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FINAL Newsletter from Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary April 2012

Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary is closing

Note from Susan Hatfield:
After much thought and reflection we have decided to close Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary after serving Columbia and the surrounding area for the last 16 years. The decision was full of mixed emotions and was not easily made.

I am extremely humbled to have worked with so many wonderful rescue organizations and individuals throughout the years. We have placed thousands of pets in amazing homes nationwide, established many educational programs and have made numerous contributions via our special programs. It's time for me to move on to other ventures. Thanks to our wonderful supporters who contributed so unselfishly, thanks to our wonderful foster families who supported us for so many years, thanks to Jean Bruns who has been our web master since the beginning, thanks to Horton Northeast for the wonderful care they provided to our animals and a sincere thanks to John and Ashley for their understanding and support when I pulled into our driveway with a car full of dogs time after time after time after time ...

Note from Jim Johnson:
I joined the board at the Humane Society in 1990, started the foster program, was president and left when my term expired in 1995. At that point we began working on Happy Tails, which officially began in 1998. After 23 years involved in rescue, having nearly 2,000 dogs, cats, peacocks, goats, pigs, geckos, parrots, iguanas, rabbits, chickens, doves, parakeets, and more in our home until we found their forever homes, I think the time has come to let other groups carry the torch.

Please make sure you have transferred your pet's microchip information over into your name so that all records will be current.

If you are having automatic deductions mailed to our program please make sure to stop those payments.

If you need help please contact your local Humane Society or your nearest no kill sanctuary. Petfinder is also a good online resource for finding pets.

Since 1998, ensuring they had a forever home!pets with their families

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